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our projects

Babaloo Films has a current slate of 13 feature films in various stages of development.  From a comedy / adventure set in India in the 1960’s to a contemporary ghost story exploring the new meaning of “spirit” / “presence” with a view into virtual identity and avatar creation; from a biopic on one of the most fascinating “daredevils” in Victorian times to a classic thriller/suspense on the price many would pay for celebrity status. And we are even working on an animation feature!

We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.
Walt Disney

We pride ourselves in the ability of giving life to original content that does not need to compete with the mainstream approach to “more of the same” – while that may bring financial results in the short term, it will inevitably exhaust the creative contribution many filmmakers work so hard for. Hence, when we say ” we are not in for the money“, we truly mean it as we are not in to fight and compete on the same old characteristics of the industry, but position ourselves to get on the unbeaten path and offer an alternative in the market (after all, that is the Hero’s Journey!).

The industry is ever changing, and change is frightening and unsettling, but it is always a sign of new, rising opportunities. We feel part of a new generation of filmmakers that are breaking the mold, the new leading force for a true cinema to be revived.  But when one chooses to be at the forefront inevitably has to prepare himself to what may work and what may not.

Babaloo Films believes that it is through perserverance and not compromising our values that we can create a new space for ourselves and for many other filmmakers to prosper.


If you would like to know more on our current slate, we will be happy to provide you with information upon request at info [a t] babaloo films . co . uk, or simply by submitting the form below. THANK YOU.


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