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Paper. Scissors. Stone.

Babaloo Films’ first feature – Paper. Scissors. Stone.– is a psychological thriller, which tells a story about friendship, lies, love, secrecy, bonds and betrayals involving three good friends forced to face the other’s (and their own) darker side.


When Rachel reunites with her childhood friends Delia and Andy at their home in the Spanish countryside, the powerful bond they once shared is soon replaced by a deep seated grudge they have carried unknowingly for years. Facing their own dark shadows, they will be forced to play one last game that will redefine their destiny and that of an innocent child.

Taglines:  Three Friends. One Game. No Winner. / Three Friends. A Powerful Bond. A Dangerous Grudge. / Everyone carries a Shadow.

Current Status

Busy as ever, a flurry of activities are talking place to make this incredible story and gorgeous cinematography available to you! We are in post-production – Philip is editing (after writing and directing) and the first cut looks stunning! You can find more information on the blog specifically created for the movie (link below) and/or through updates on the film’s Facebook page.


Find out more on our the film Official Site or Facebook


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