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in development

 We are currently in Post-Production with our first feature Paper. Scissors. Stone. Check under the specific page on this blog, or refer directly to the official site at


We are also working on finalising our script for our proposed next project, a COMEDY / ADVENTURE / FANTASY feature (we are working on attaching talents and identifying investors from preliminary prospect research). This is a medium-to-high budget production requiring A-list actors and shot almost exclusively on location (India). Think: SUNSET BOULEVARD meets AUSTIN POWERS… in BOLLYWOOD!

India 1968 – the Beatlemania has invaded the spiritual peninsula and there is no one more upset about it than Maggie McLure – a once-was Hollywood diva of the 30’s who despises anything modern and who, to reinvent herself, accepts to take part to a Bollywood production. Little she knows, her fans are growing too fast on the wrong side of the law – soon enough we find her involved in a series of extraordinary events leading straight into an international conspiracy a la James Bond … will enlightenment grace such a hard-core artist? or is India ready to adopt a new goddess?

We are also preparing to pitch a supernatural thriller / ghost story (optioned in the past, for which rights have reverted to us) and drafting from initial treatment another supernatural thriller / horror with great potential for a successful franchise. Stay tuned!


Meanwhile, should you require more info, please use the following form – we will get back to you at our earliest. THANK YOU.