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about Babaloo Team

BABALOO FILMS Ltd. is a UK registered private limited company founded by writer/director Philip Goodhew and producer Mimmo Di Giacomo.

Our aim is to represent an alternative – in attitude, products and impacts – to the filmmaking industry. We love to work in collaborative partnerships and we work hard to ensure we “walk the talk“. We seek the same in our partners and we strive to deliver the very best from a business perspective without sacrificing the creative output.

Our vision and values can be summarised as follows:

  • to support and foster emerging international talents at all levels (from lead artists to crew members);
  • to offer an alternative both artistically and commercially to what the industry traditionally offers, stressing the importance of long-term investments versus the short-term financial gains;
  • to maximise the use of innovative technologies, adopt and test new forms of promotion and distribution of the final product while still submit the film through traditional entertainment circuits (film festivals and markets);
  • to advocate on filmmaking as an opportunity for the community where the actual production takes place to be promoted, supported and positively publicised for social, environmental and economic benefit of the same. Basically, we want to avoid the blunt exploitation that is typical of traditional film companies and open the market to more sustainable and collaborative approaches.

Fundamentally we believe that STORY is what holds everything together. While market trends may help with predicting patterns of success or failure, a well told, original, unique storytelling won’t disappoint. And remember:

SUCCESS is what YOU define it to be, not something imposed on you – I really hope some of the new upcoming filmmakers will find this as liberating and empowering as we do.


Babaloo Films Ltd. is a Registered Company under the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales – Company Number: 7598288