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August is coming… !!!

Geez, time is gone by fast these days! Still working on the Paper.Scissors.Stone. website and looking to “open the doors” to that in a few days. Our editing work is going on great – all we need is to finish shooting a couple of opening scenes in the Manchester area (can’t say more or it would be a spoiler!) by end of August. if you see us around there, just say HELLO! 🙂

And we are listed on IMDB – crew list is to be completed (courtesy of IMDB updating system…) and more to come! Lastly, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU, those who “like” us on Facebook, sign up on this blog or tweet us… and the others who have emailed me as well (please sign up to one of the social networks so I can keep you up to date – and thank you for your support, much appreciated!).

Alright, time has come for some more work… just keep an eye on as it is due to be up and running soon!

take care!



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