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Welcome to the world and works of Babaloo Films!

Thank you for visiting our site – yet another incredible effort to keep independent filmmaking alive!

The purpose of this site is to introduce Babaloo Films as more than “just another wanna-be production company“, but rather a way for you to compare notes, find out how people get into this business, what happens behind the scenes and along the journey! And sticking to our core values, we want you to learn more and meet some great and talented people (both in front and behind the camera), some young and eager professionals who deserve your support and cheering along the way!

Come and check us out regularly – we have plenty to share with you about our first feature currently in post-production (Paper.Scissors.Stone.) Also tell us more about your experience in filmmaking, or share with us your dreams and what you are doing to go after them! We welcome your feedback, comments and support!

your Babaloo Team,
Mimmo & Philip